Where to See Flamingos in Florida: 15 Best Places

Looking for where to see Flamingos in Florida? From zoos in Miami to botanical gardens in Bonita Springs, this post will show you 15 of our favorite places.

Are there flamingos in Florida? If you’ve been asking yourself this question, the simple answer is Yes!

Flamingos are returning to Florida, especially in the Everglades and the Keys but there are many other places like zoos, wildlife parks, and gardens where you can see these beautiful and colorful creatures.

where to find Flamingos in Florida

However, not all places are created equal! That’s why we have narrowed down the best options for you. From Flamingo Gardens to Lion Country Safari, these are the best places to see Flamingos in Florida.

These places also contribute to saving flora and fauna through research, breeding, and educational programs, so you’ll learn something besides just looking at the Flamingos.

Where to See Flamingos in Florida

Here is exactly where to find flamingos in Florida!

1. Flamingo Gardens, Davie

Flamingo Gardens, Davie is where to see flamingos in Florida.

Established in 1927 as an orange grove, Flamingo Gardens is one of the best places to see flamingos in Florida.

It houses Caribbean flamingos in its Flamingo Pond where you can interact with them, take beautiful pictures, and even feed them.

This 60-acre wildlife sanctuary and botanical garden also hosts many permanently injured and non-releasable birds and other animals like sea otters, bald eagles, and Josh, the famous black bear, plus over 3000 plant species making it a major contributor to Florida’s wildlife preservation and education! It also holds daily live presentations.

During your visit, don’t miss the 25-minute narrated tram tour (from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) that takes you through the park’s historical oak trees and tropical groves.

Then, round up your visit with a tour of the restored 1933 house, Wray Home Museum which showcases family portraits of the park’s original owners, Floyd and Jane Wray, and many period furniture.

2. Everglades National Park

Airboat ride at Everglades National Park
Airboat ride at Everglades National Park

Looking for where to see flamingos in the wild in Florida? Look no further than Everglades National Park.

Spanning over 1.5 million acres, this park has a diverse landscape of marshy waters, mangrove forests, subtropical wilderness, and mudflats, where you will spot wild flamingos, especially from late March to early May.

These brightly-colored birds are usually strutting on the Snake Bight Trail or near the Flamingo Visitor Center, but you can also see them on this Everglades Airboat tour.

Besides flamingos, you’ll also be able to see animals like alligators, West Indian manatees, dolphins, and turtles in their natural habitats or partake in the kayaking, hiking, and biking that the area is famed for.

3. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Tampa is where to see wild flamingos in Florida.

Originally a hospitality center at the Tampa Brewery, Anheuser Busch, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is now a 335-acre African-themed theme park offering thrilling rollercoasters, water rides, and many other entertainment options to cater to visitors of all ages.

However, this park’s offerings extend beyond rides, as it’s also a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

You will find a flock of Chilean, Lesser, and American flamingos at the park’s Egypt exhibit and the Bird Gardens, which also houses over 500 tropical birds. But if you want an up-close encounter, you can interact with the flamingos at the Nairobi exhibit.

In addition to flamingo sightseeing, you can observe African wildlife in an off-road safari tour through Serengeti, watch how animals are cared for in the park’s world-class animal care center, ride a family-friendly spin coaster, enjoy live shows and seasonal live music, while the kids listen to stories from Sesame Street.

4. Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, Key West

Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, Key West

While Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory might be known for their beautiful butterfly collection of over 50 species thriving in a glass-domed habitat, this rainforest-themed conservatory also has two famous flamingos, Rhett and Scarlett, who have called this place home since 2013.

For a truly unforgettable experience, book the one-hour (4:30 pm to 5:45 pm daily) “Flamingle” experience, where you can interact with these friendly birds and watch them preen from the conservatory’s gazebo that overlooks the pond.

However, we highly recommend making reservations in advance because they only allow six guests daily.

Another way to enjoy this attraction is to visit the Learning Center and watch a 15-minute film introducing you to butterflies and their lifecycle.

You can also expect a close-up view of live caterpillars eating and growing on their host plants. Then, round up your experience with a Butterfly Gallery tour featuring Sam Trophia’s artworks.

5. Zoo Tampa, Tampa

Zoo Tampa, Tampa is where to see pink flamingos in Florida.

With its commitment to animal preservation and conservation, the award-winning Zoo Tampa is a top destination for families looking to have an ethical zoo experience.

Located in Lowry Park, Tampa’s only zoo has over 1,300 endangered or threatened animals, including Florida natives like manatees, alligators, and flamingos, spread across five naturalistic animal exhibits.

You will find a flamboyance of Caribbean flamingos at the zoo’s Florida exhibit. Other animals hosted throughout the zoo include Southern white rhinos, African elephants, tigers, orangutans, penguins, and many more.

Lauded as one of the world’s most beautiful tropical zoological settings, the zoo has its own show, Secrets of the Zoo: Zoo Tampa, on the National Geographic channel and offers a variety of unique events and educational activities to keep guests entertained throughout the year.

When you are not participating in interactive animal encounters, you can visit Florida’s first nonprofit manatee hospital, also located at this zoo, where injured or orphaned wild manatees are cared for and returned to the wild while the kids can splash around the many water play areas, or ride the handful of rides.

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6. Zoo Miami, Miami

Zoo Miami, Miami is where to see flamingos in the wild in Florida.

Constantly lauded for its conservation efforts, this enormous 750-acre zoo has five major themed exhibits: Africa, Asia, Australia, Mission Everglades (Florida), and Amazon, which provide unique naturalistic habitats for over 2,500 endangered animals with over 400 species.

You will find about 40 American flamingos in the Florida exhibit adjacent to the zoo’s entrance.

Meanwhile, other animals like leopards, tigers, lemurs, and kangaroos call Florida’s largest zoo home, and the park offers many special programs for every family member to learn about these amazing creatures. Also, plant lovers will appreciate the zoo’s vast species of trees and plantings.

Other attractions in Zoo Miami include the Jungle Journey Playground and water play areas for the kids, the rainforest-themed Conservation Action Center for learning about wildlife protection, and the 800-seat Sami Family Amphitheater where many wildlife shows are held. This place is perfect if you’re looking for fun things to do with teenagers in Miami.

And if you visit in December, you’ll be able to enjoy its epic Christmas lights show “Zoo Miami Lights” as it’s one of the best places to see Christmas decorations in Florida.

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7. Sarasota Jungle Gardens, Sarasota

Sarasota Jungle Gardens, Sarasota is where to see wild flamingos in Florida.

This small 10-acre garden was formerly a swampy banana grove, but it’s now one of the best places to see wild flamingos in Florida and also discover beautiful botanical plantings.

Established in 1939, Sarasota Jungle Gardens is dotted with American flamingos roaming freely around the garden which you can hand-feed or even just walk amongst.

The Gardens also hosts many birds and reptiles like parrots, alligators, crocodiles, and lemurs, with which you can all have a personal experience.

Also a frontrunner in wildlife education efforts, the garden offers many interactive and educational animal shows.

Some favorites include the Reptile Encounter show, where kids can learn about reptiles, and the Jungle Bird show, where feathered friends put on impressive performances.

And when you need to recharge, the garden’s cafe serves lunch and snacks, or you can enjoy a picnic under the shaded tree hammock.

8. Discovery Cove, Orlando

Discovery Cove, Orlando

If you’re dreaming of a tropical paradise with pristine white-sand beaches, rocky lagoons, and rainforest landscape, this all-inclusive theme park resort will make it a reality.

Set on a lush landscaped park, Discovery Cove offers the ultimate laid-back luxury. This reservation-only resort is a sister park to SeaWorld Orlando and allows only 1,300 guests daily for a more intimate experience, so make your reservation in time.

Nature lovers will love the park’s many marine and bird species, and as you would expect, Caribbean flamingos grace the park every morning from 9:30 am.

But for a personal experience, book the “Flamingle” encounter (only twenty spots available daily), where you can stroll with and feed these pink beauties.

And thanks to the park’s winding rivers and beaches, there are many other water activities you can participate in.

The Freshwater Pool will keep the kids busy while The Grand Reef, Freshwater Oasis, and Tropical River are perfect for snorkeling with tropical fishes like the playful otters and for swimming with friendly dolphins (the resort’s main attraction).

Throughout this fun-filled experience, the entire family can enjoy the resort’s all-inclusive food and beverages with options for those with dietary needs. Just make sure you book your entry ticket here in advance to guarantee a spot!

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9. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Orlando

Disney World Animal Kingdom Entrance Signage

If you are looking for where to see flamingos in Florida and also enjoy unique experiences and rides, visit one of the largest theme parks in the world: Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Opened in 1998, the massive 580-acre park follows Walt Disney’s animal conservation philosophy and is devoted to living, fictional, and extinct animals.

Roughly 2000 animals and 250 species are spread across seven themed areas, so you’ll have no trouble finding flamingos, specifically the greater and lesser species.

The lesser flamingos roam near the park’s iconic Tree of Life, a 145-foot-tall artificial baobab tree located at Discovery Island.

However, you can spot the greater flamingos from an open-sided safari vehicle during the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, alongside other African species like white rhinos, hippos, and saddle-billed storks in their massive naturalized environments.

As with any Disney World park, you’ll need to purchase this entry ticket to access Disney’s Animal Kingdom too.

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10. Gatorland Orlando

Gatorland Orlando is where to find flamingos in Florida.

Dubbed “the alligator capital of the world,” Gatorland Orlando might not be the first place you would think of when searching for where to see flamingos in Florida, but it more than fits the bill.

This privately owned theme park and wildlife preserve was founded on a former cattle land in 1949 by the late Owen Godwin.

Of course, you will see a massive collection of alligators (including rare white leucistic alligators), crocodiles, and snakes but it also features exotic birds like the pink American flamingos located at Flamingo Island.

Unique animal shows are also part of the work done here, especially the Gator Jumparoo, where alligators jump 4-5 feet out of the water.

But the highlight of this zoo is its Screamin’ Gator Zip Line that takes you 1,200 feet above the ground and offers breathtaking views of some of the park’s main attractions, like the Alligator Breeding Marsh with over 130 giant alligators. The best part is that the ride is wheelchair accessible, so no one is left out.

To access this park, you’ll need to purchase this entry ticket which is valid for 14 days.

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11. Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, Jacksonville

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, Jacksonville is where to find flamingos in Florida.

Opened in Springfield in 1912, Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens is among the few zoos in the country with an animal wellness team, Manatee Critical Care Center for rescued Florida manatees, indicating its passion for animal welfare and conservation.

Covering 122 acres of land, the zoo and garden has over ten award-winning exhibits showcasing its population of 2,000 animals and 1,000 exotic plants.

As you explore the zoo, you will spot Greater flamingos and American flamingos in the Range of the Jaguar and Africa Loop exhibits where you can interact with them.

The Africa Loop exhibit has a 1,400ft boardwalk where you can stroll along and see the flamingos and other animals roaming about their habitats. You can also head to the Animal Care area and pet Nigerian Dwarf goats and West African pygmy.

Other attractions in this zoo include the play park just past the Range of the Jaguar, and the Splash Ground which kids will love.

12. Palm Beach Zoo, West Palm Beach

 Palm Beach Zoo, West Palm Beach is one of the best places to see Flamingos in Florida.
Palm Beach Zoo is one of the best places to see Flamingos in Florida.

Located within Dreher Park, Palm Beach Zoo pairs stellar interactive animal experiences with excellent species education and conservation work, so it’s not surprising that we’ve included it in our list of where to see pink flamingos in Florida.

The Tropics of the Americas and Wetlands sections of the zoo are the best places to see both American and Chilean flamingos.

Also, the zoo offers a 30-minute Flamingo And Capybara Experience (for ages 8 and above, with advance reservations) where you can enjoy up-close encounters with these beautiful birds, learn about their return to Florida, meet with the new members of the flamboyance and take cute selfies with them. However, you can’t touch the birds and you must wear closed-toe shoes.

In addition to flamingos, this zoo houses over 550 animals including koalas, tigers, and sloths, many of them endangered, and a play fountain and wildlife carousel that kids will love.

After a well-spent day, recharge at the onsite Latitude 26 cafe and stop by the Jungle Traders Gift Shop to get souvenirs before leaving.

13. Gulf Breeze Zoo, Woodlawn Beach

Gulf Breeze Zoo, Woodlawn Beach is where to see flamingos in Florida.

Located in Woodlawn Beach, this zoo has wildlife conservation, breeding, and habitat preservation as its core pillars, and you can enjoy the experience that these founding principles have birthed.

You will find over 900 exotic animals in a 50-acre space that has been split into two. A 20-acre walking exhibit with many interactive feeding areas where you can observe American flamingos in their habitat and pet or hand-feed animals like giraffes, goats, and alligators.

Then, there’s the 30-acre African preserve, which you can explore on a guided safari express train ride (runs from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm daily) and enjoy up-close encounters with Sumatran orangutans and Western lowland gorillas or watch rhinos and huge Nile hippos roam around.

However, you shouldn’t leave without seeing the herds of deer, zebra, and antelope from the zoo’s elevated boardwalk.

The zoo also offers many educational programs like the VIP Behind the Scenes Animal Tours and seasonal entertainment programs like Halloween’s “Boo at the Zoo.”

14. Bonita Wonder Gardens, Bonita Springs

Though small compared to other zoological and botanical gardens, Bonita Wonder Gardens packs a lot into its 3 acres.

The modest lush paradise was established as a roadside attraction for injured wildlife in 1936 and has remained a refuge for these rescued animals ever since, even after changing ownership.

You will find over 300 non-releasable birds and reptiles, including American flamingos. These pink birds reside by the flamingo lagoon (alongside peacocks, ibises, and ducks), where you can watch and hand-feed them.

After hanging out with the flamingos, stroll to the Native Butterfly Garden which features several colorful butterflies and butterfly-attracting plants.

Another must-do attraction is feeding the Florida alligators at the lake from a safe distance.

The zoo also has a vibrant plant scene with special mentions like banyans, orchid trees, and giant staghorn ferns.

Meanwhile, those with reduced mobility will appreciate the park’s wheelchair accessibility.

15. Lion Country Safari, Loxahatchee

 Lion Country Safari drive through park

This nearly 600-acre wildlife park opened in 1967 and is widely considered the country’s first cageless zoo.

Today, it’s home to roughly 90 species and over 1000 animals, including lions, giraffes, chimpanzees, zebras, and our colorful friends, flamingos.

You can meet the safari’s Caribbean flamingo residents at the adventure park and also get a chance to feed and take photos with them.

However, the main draw of this enormous attraction is its drive-through safari, where you can watch animals roam freely from your vehicle.

There’s also the walk-through adventure park ( the flamingos’ residence), where you can engage in many immersive exhibits like the popular giraffe feeding, or play mini golf while the younger guests have a blast in the many water play areas.

Final Thoughts on Where to See Flamingos in Florida

When looking for where to see flamingos in Florida, these zoos, parks, and wildlife reserves are bucket list destinations for animal enthusiasts.

You can enjoy personal encounters with these feathered friends, learn more about them, and partake in other wondrous wildlife exhibits with your family or friends at any of these places!

Which place will you be visiting first? Let us know in the comments below!

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