Florida Quotes: 107 Famous Quotes About Florida to Inspire You

Are you looking for Florida quotes to inspire you to visit the state or to use as captions on your social media? This post will give you all the best quotes about Florida!

As a beautiful state, in fact, one of the most beautiful states in the USA, Florida has quite a reputation and it’s never out of people’s mouths.

Florida quotes

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Many words and quotes have been made about the sunshine state from the downright adorable, and quirky to the rather unpleasant ones! But all that goes to show how influential Florida is.

Whether you’re in Florida and are looking for quotes about Florida or sayings to use as your Florida Instagram captions, want to see what famous people have said about this beautiful state, or you just want to picture how Florida is, this article will show you all the best Florida quotes.

Famous Quotes About Florida

Some of these Florida quotes have been said by famous musicians, actors, and actresses, writers, and even politicians.

To make sure you easily find what you’re looking for, these Florida sayings have been grouped into categories. From inspirational Florida quotes, funny Florida quotes, Florida vacation quotes, quotes about living in Florida, to general quotes on Florida.

Short Florida Quotes

siesta key-beach in Florida

For something short that summarizes what Florida is all about, these Florida quotes below will come in handy.

1.“Florida is the world’s greatest amusement park.” — Budd Schulberg

2. “I am a Florida guy. I don’t do cold.” — J. R. Ramirez

3. “We ought to be bragging about Florida!” — Rick Scott

4. “Florida, bro. It’s different.” — Dominic Fike

5. “We are not exposed to ice much in Florida.” — Brittany Bowe

6. “Miami will always be special to me.” — Christian Yelich. You can check out more Miami Quotes and Miami Instagram captions.

Inspirational Quotes About Florida

colorful florida word on beach

Below are the most inspirational quotes on Florida ever said by famous people.

7. “Florida is a place for innovation, for prosperity, for pioneering.” — Hendrith Vanlon Smith, Jr.

8. “Florida is different things to different people. To some, Florida is a paradise. It has warm water, sun-drenched beaches, mysterious swamps, and stunning coral reefs.” — Perry Chang

9. “Florida is a very healing place.” — Burt Reynolds

10. “For a lot of people at different times in their life, Florida represents a new start.” — Larry Reimer

11. “I am absolutely convinced that Florida will become the most exciting place in the world to live and work.” — Rick Scott

12. “To Florida – its dreamers, its builders, its mavericks, and its scoundrels. Sometimes all four at.” — Beatriz Williams

13. “I absolutely love the balance between New York and Miami because I go to New York and I get so inspired and it’s really busy and it’s like the real city and then I come to Miami and I’m just in a happy place.” — Nina Agdal

14. “The Florida skies are like no other, with cloud formations that are awesome! Even when it rains, the sun shines through the drops.” — Connie Letang

Funny Quotes About Florida


These Florida quotes below will no doubt make you laugh out or shake your head in disbelief.

15. “It’s always sunny in the Sunshine State. Except for at night.” — Jarod Kintz

16. “Two things Florida can teach the other 49 states: how to make a good margarita and how to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane.” — Tom Feeney

17. “August in Florida is God’s way of reminding us who’s in charge.” — Blaize Clement

18. “I won’t comment on the weather we had. Did you know they named a wine after the first bird whoever flew down to Florida for the winter? Cold duck.” — Robert Orben

19. “In all fairness, he did warn me. I asked him if you could get along in Florida on sixty-five dollars a day. He said, ‘If you’re an alligator, yes. If you’re a tourist, no.” — Robert Orben

20. “My parents didn’t want to move to Florida, but they turned sixty and that’s the law.” — Jerry Seinfeld

21. “It’s not palm trees and neon signs in Florida; it’s strip malls, highways, hot sun beating down on you.” — Patty Jenkins

22. “If your girlfriend goes to Florida for spring break, that’s not your girlfriend anymore.” — Unknown

23. “If you don’t like the way we count then take I-95 and visit one of the other 56 states.” — Unknown

24. “Florida is a strange place: hot, beautiful, ugly. I love it here, and how nothing makes sense but still, somehow, there is a rhythm.” — Roxane Gay

25. “Is Florida not hot and muggy enough for these people? They love the heat. I mean, if they ever decide to land men on the sun, I think these old retired guys would be the only ones that will be able to handle it. They’ll just sit there on the sun, on the redwood benches, washcloth on the head going: “I’m trying to get a sweat going.” –Jerry Seinfeld


26. “There is only one problem in taking a winter vacation in Florida. You spend two weeks getting a deep, rich, golden tan — then they hand you the bill and you’re pale again.” — Robert Orben

27. “I like Florida. Everything is in the ’80s. The temperatures, the ages, and the IQs.” — George Carlin

28. “I am a Florida guy. I don’t do cold.” — J. R. Ramirez

29. “Florida is so hot that when old people retire and move to Florida it’s because they want to start practicing to hell.” — Seth Lyon

30. “Sometimes I think I’ve figured out some order in the universe, but then I find myself in Florida.” — Susan Orlean

31. “As amazing as it seems, the state of Florida must certainly be one of the most haunted places in the United States.” — Greg Jenkins

32. “It’s Florida. Hair is just an extra sweater I’m forced to wear.” — Emma Gonzalez

33. “I live in Florida and people are crazy here. And I say that lovingly.” — Amy Simetz

34. “I happen to know that Florida is now working on something that could revolutionize its real estate market. It’s an alligator that eats crabgrass.” — Robert Orben

35. “They call Florida the “Sunshine State”, which is funny because in the twelve years I lived here, it was only sunny for like twenty minutes—when the eye of the hurricane passed over my house.” — Seth Lyon

36. “I’m pretty sure my house in Florida is haunted! He’s a nice ghost though.” — Ariana Grande

37. “When up-north friends say “How can you live in Florida? It’s so hot. Too humid. You have alligators!” I reply, “You’re right. It’s horrible. You’d hate it.” — Unknown

38. “Florida is a strange place: hot, beautiful, ugly. I love it here, and how nothing makes sense but still, somehow, there is a rhythm.” — Roxane Gay

Beautiful Florida Quotes

white sand beach-clearwater-Florida

Best quotes about Florida that talk about the beauty of the state.

39. “My love for you is like a Florida sunset.” — Jarod Kintz

40. “Florida means land of flowers, not land of ugly.” — Bill Jonson

41. “Being from Miami, you’re used to the fact that your home is a vacation spot. But that’s what makes Miami one of the best places in the world. We’re so rich in different cultures, being so close to Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, and then you’ve got people who travel from all over the world just to come to visit.” — Flo Rida

42. “There are characteristics of central Florida you don’t see anywhere else. It’s quite beautiful.” — Sean Baker

43. “The great thing about Florida is you – each city’s about two hours’ drive from everywhere else.” — John Cleese

44. “Florida is a golden word… The very name Florida carried the message of warmth and ease and comfort. It was irresistible.” — John Steinbeck

45. “There are characteristics of central Florida you don’t see anywhere else. It’s quite beautiful.” — Sean Baker

46. “The Florida skies are like no other, with cloud formations that are awesome! Even when it rains, the sun shines through the drops.” — Connie Letang

47. “My love for you is like a Florida sunset. Orange, coral, pink and lavender, it exists to warm your heart through the inevitable darkness.” — Jarod Kintz

48. “Springtime in Florida is not a matter of peeping violets or bursting buds merely. It is a riot of color, in nature—glistening green leaves, pink, blue, purple, yellow blossoms that fairly stagger the visitor from the north. The miles of hyacinths are like an undulating carpet on the surface of the river and divide reluctantly when the slow-moving alligators push their way log-like across. The nights are white nights as the moon shines with dazzling splendor, or in the absence of that goddess, the soft darkness creeps down laden with innumerable scents. The heavy fragrance of magnolias mingled with the delicate sweetness of jasmine and wild roses.” — Zora Neale Hurston

49. “I love South Florida; this is where I am from, so I don’t think there is anything more rewarding than knowing that where you grew up is standing behind you and supporting you.” — Bailee Madison

Quotes About Living in Florida


These are the best Florida quotes about living in Florida.

50. “I grew up in Florida riding horses, so for the majority of my life I was either in boots and jeans or a bathing suit.” — Kate Upton

51. “I live in Florida, and when people ask how close to the beach I am, I say, “Twelve minutes or twelve hours. Depends on which beach you want to go.” — Jarod Kintz

52. “I came from Michigan seven years ago, and every year I learn to love the winters in Florida even more.” — Patrick Ennis

53. “I live in Florida, and I live on a small lagoon. I sit and look out at the water all day – That’s what my desk is.” — Ted Bell

54. “What I like about South Florida is there’s a good quality of life here; the cost of living is much lower than Silicon Valley.” — Rony Abovitz

55. “I grew up in Florida, where if you weren’t comfortable dancing, you weren’t going to get any girls.” — Channing Tatum

56. “I grew up down in Florida, and in the keys, there’s this place called sea camp which was not unlike space camp, except you explored the sea. And so that kind of whetted my appetite for that. But then I ended up swimming in a lagoon full of Cassiopeia jellyfish, and that quickly quashed that desire to be a marine biologist.” — Joe Lo Truglio

57. “Florida is a place of unparalleled diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and vision. It makes our culture unique, but it can also make it difficult to define a common identity and create a sense of community that reaches beyond our neighborhoods to all corners of our state.” — Jeb Blush

Florida Vacation Quotes

Florida quotes

These Florida quotes will make you want to take a trip to the sunshine state.

58. “I go to Florida sometimes for vacation. I actually really like Florida. It’s a weird place, it’s surreal. It’s so close, but you feel like you’re in another world or on an island.” — Jemima Kirke

59. “I love Florida. I love the beach. I love the sound of the crashing surfers against the rocks.” — Emo Philips

60. “I like anywhere with a beach. A beach and warm weather is all I really need. I like going to Florida – to Miami and to visit my mom in Fort Meyers.” — Rob Gronkowski

61. “I like anywhere with a beach. A beach and warm weather are all I really need. I like going to Florida – to Miami and to visit my mom in Fort Meyers.” — Rob Gronkowski

62. “When I go to Florida for Christmas I always take my nieces and nephews out on excursions…I become like a big kid again. We go on all the big rides at the theme parks or I stick them in go-karts where their feet can’t quite reach the pedals. I think that if you can continue to have the child at heart you may grow old physically but you will stay young mentally.” — John Barrowman

63. “I represent Orlando, Florida, the world’s number one vacation destination.” — Ric Keller

64. “Since traveling is such a big part of my life when I am working, I like to vacation relatively close to home. Florida is a great place for me to go and relax. It’s so close, which is perfect because it’s minimal travel time.” — Hilary Rhoda

65. “Florida has tons of entertainment opportunities because Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are there.” — Kevin Richardson

66. “I suspect that most people in the world will travel through or at least wish to travel through Miami in their lifetimes. I think it is on the same level as seeing the pyramids in Giza for many people. But, Miami is slippery: It is a place that is always that distant orgiastic green light while also being a hot, tropical, and very real place.” — Jim Drain

Florida Quotes That Seem To Criticize the State (With a Funny Twist or Not)

beautiful sunet in Florida

Even a state like Florida is not beyond criticism. Below are the quotes that seem to criticize the state.

67. “Almost everything strange washes up near Miami.” — Rick Riordan

68. “You’re from Florida. There’s got to be more holes to hell in Florida than in any other state.” — T. Kingfisher

69. “You know how only you can insult your own family? That’s how I feel about Florida.” — Danielle Schneider

70. “Florida was also very hot and full of mosquitoes and strange creatures such as alligators.” — Teresa Wimmer

71. “One of the major hobbies in South Florida is keeping animals that no sane person would want to keep. They usually get them when they’re small, and when they get too big, they let them go. And they all get away, eventually.” — Dave Barry

72. “The one thing I did learn at Florida State, I learned to talk trash, believe that.” — Randy Moss

73. “Florida’s number three industry, behind tourism and skin cancer, is voter fraud.” — Dave Barry

74. “Remember that Florida is a land of weirdos and bizarre happenings, and conduct yourselves accordingly.” — Jeff Zentner

75. “Having Miami in a state like Florida makes no sense. You may as well put Los Angeles in the middle of Arkansas. It’s not connected, it is just bright and loud and big and… there.” — Caspar Vega, Southern Dust

76. “Lot of strip clubs in Florida… Good grief… Florida has so many strip clubs, they need to change their state flag to a brass pole.” — Wanda Sykes

77. “Florida in my novels is not as seedy as the real Florida. It’s hard to stay ahead of curve. Every time I write a scene that I think is the sickest thing I have ever dreamed up, it is surpassed by something that happens in real life.” — Carl Hiaasen

78.“Florida is the most unusual place. It can feel at once stifling and like anything is possible there.” — Laura Van Den Berg

79. “With swamps and alligators inland, and the gated communities and shopping malls in the traffic-clotted towns along the coasts, the state seems to Stern like a giant penal colony for America’s elderly, where the residents–like characters in a famous play–have all been blinded by the sun and do not realize they are actually in hell.” — Scott Turow

80. “The general intellectual level of South Florida is somewhere just above “functionally retarded”.” — Tucker Max

81. “If a novel were written about Florida’s administration of its healthcare for the working poor, an appropriate title might be: ‘don’t get sick, and God help you if you do.” — Joy Reid

General Quotes On Florida

Palm trees in Miami Florida

You can use these general quotes on Florida as captions for your Florida photos.

82. “Florida isn’t so much a place where one goes to reinvent oneself, as it is a place where one goes if one no longer wished to be found.” — Douglas Coupland

83. “Here in Florida, we have something special we never enjoyed at Disneyland… The blessing of size. There’s enough land here to hold all the ideas and plans we can possibly imagine.” — Walt Disney

84. “It doesn’t matter how much I think I know about Florida, it still flips me on the head every time. It’s just an absurd, electric place, and the stories that can come out of that place just never stop.” — Matt Passmore

85. “Sometimes I wish I could just go back to Florida and, like, date my home-town boyfriend. It’s really frustrating whenever I can’t go and do something because I know it’s going to be on the Internet.” — Ashley Greene

86. “There are so many colorful characters in Florida. There’s a lot of money, development – not all of it good and corruption.” — John Grisham

87. “Florida is different things to different people. To some, Florida is a paradise. It is warm water, sun-drenched beaches, mysterious swamps, and stunning coral reefs.” — Perry Chang

88. “I hear it’s hot in Florida. And it’s raining here tonight. But the sun’s gonna shine tomorrow. And I’m gonna do alright.” — Elton John

89. “Alluding to the extern of Florida, a mere peninsula confined between two seas, they pretended that it could never sustain the shock of the discharge, and that it would ‘bust up’ at the very first shot. ‘Very well, let it bust up!’ replied the Floridians, with a brevity of the days of ancient Sparta.” — Jules Verne

90. “Florida is a cultural crossroads where people of different backgrounds have mingled, traded, and sometimes fought.” — Perry Chang

Instagrma captions for Florida

91. “Florida has its own rhythm, too. People go to work, they watch their children learn and grow and start families of their own. They play in the sun and pass their lives enjoying the outsized blessings that make our state unique.” — Jeb Bush

92. “I like anywhere with a beach. A beach and warm weather are all I really need. I like going to Florida – to Miami and to visit my mom in Fort Meyers.” — Rob Gronkowski

93. “I actually like South Florida. I never lived in a more interesting place than this. I’ve never met a wider range of people. I guess when I came here I thought there were Cubans and then there were people from New York and that was Miami. Now I know that it’s Cubans, people from New York, and some people from New Jersey.” — Dave Barry

94. “Florida was also very hot and full of mosquitoes and strange creatures such as alligators.” — Teresa Wimmer

95. “Plenty of things in the universe are old, my dear. That’s like saying Florida is a metaphor for hell because they’re both hot – though your grandfather would agree wholeheartedly with that, I suppose.” — Sammy Nickalls

96. “The state with the prettiest name, the state that floats in brackish water, held together by mangrove roots.” — Elizabeth Bishop

97. “The Florida sun seems not much a single thing overhead but a set of klieg lights that pursue you everywhere with an even white illumination.” — John Updike

Famous quotes about Miami

98. “Florida is a most unusual place. It can feel at once stifling and like anything is possible there.” — Laura Van Den Berg

99. “I have been travelling to every corner of the great state of Florida. I’ve met some great people and we’ve had an honest discussion about the failures of Washington.” — Adam Hasner

100. “In Florida, we salt margaritas, not sidewalks.” — Unknown

101. “Florida is a crazy place, and I have played some of the wildest shows of my life here.” — Henry Rollins

102. “Party in the city where the heat is on.” — Will Smith, “Miami”

103. “I was never good at scratching, but I was good at collecting old records. Florida was a great place for that because it’s where people go to die.” — Diplo

104. “One thing about living in South Florida is that everywhere you go is violently air-conditioned.” — Katie Cotugno

105. “Of all the places in the world, she belongs to Florida. How dispiriting to learn this of herself.” — Lauren Groff, Florida

106. “Wade tried to imagine Florida before the advent of man, but couldn’t. The landscape seemed too thoroughly colonized – the trailers, factory outlets, and cocktail shacks of the world below. He decided that if human beings took over the moon, they’d probably just turn it into Florida.” — Douglas Coupland

107. “Some call it Florida, I call it heaven.” — Unknown

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