19 Most Beautiful Towns And Cities Near Miami You Should Visit

Want to explore some of the most beautiful towns and cities near Miami? Then you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll reveal 19 destinations that are easily accessible from the Magic City.

While there are so many things to do in Miami, from exploring its stunning beaches to taking in the beauty of downtown, beyond this energetic city lies a variety of neighboring destinations, each offering its unique charm and attractions, that it would be a shame not to explore them.

Las Olas beach- Fort Lauderdale
Las Olas Beach – Fort Lauderdale

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From laid-back beach towns to bustling urban centers, there is something for everyone, whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply in search of new experiences.

Not sure where to exactly go? We’ve curated a list of the best cities near Miami and what makes each destination worth exploring. The best part is that all these places are within a 3-hour drive.

Plan Your Trip to Miami in a Glance

Here is a snapshot to help you plan your trip to Miami, Florida!

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Most Beautiful Town And Cities Near Miami Florida

To make browsing easy, we’ve categorized these cities around Miami from the closest to the furthest. We’ve also included the distance from Miami to each city to help you plan your route.

1. Miami Beach (About 6 Miles From Miami)

Ocean Drive at Night in South Beach
Ocean Drive at Night in South Beach

Just across Biscayne Bay from Miami, Miami Beach is famous for its sun-kissed beaches, lively nightlife, and iconic Art Deco architecture.

With a vibrant atmosphere, Miami Beach offers a wide range of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. However, what makes the city even more inviting is its vibrant neighborhood of South Beach.

While in South Beach, you can eat at its trendy restaurants, shop at luxury boutiques, and dance the night away at its vibrant nightclubs, but the highlight of your visit will be exploring Ocean Drive to admire the pastel-colored Art Deco buildings or spend a relaxing day at the beach with its colorful lifeguard towers.

But if you’re looking for a more laid-back experience while in Miami Beach, explore the peaceful North Beach neighborhood, where you’ll find tranquil parks and a slower pace of life.

Located less than 20 minutes drive away, Miami Beach is the closest city to Miami.

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2. Coral Gables ( About 9 Miles From Miami)

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is one of the romantic places in Miami.
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Known for its Mediterranean-style architecture and tree-lined boulevards, Coral Gables exudes sophistication and charm with a touch of history!

Staying true to its nickname, “The City Beautiful”, Coral Gables offers so much beauty at every turn.

From the Venetian Pool, a beautiful spring-fed pool with waterfalls and grottos, and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden which features an extensive collection of rare tropical plants, lakes, and a butterfly garden to Miracle Mile for upscale shopping and dining experiences, there is so much to do in this charming city.

History buffs are not forgotten either! You can visit the historic Biltmore Hotel, a luxurious landmark with a storied past, and Coral Gables Merrick House, the childhood home of George Merrick — the man who planned the city in the 1920s.

Coral Gables offers a refined and laid-back vibe, making it perfect for those seeking a more tranquil atmosphere.

3. Hollywood, FL (About 21 miles From Miami)

Hollywood is the closest city to Miami.

Located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Hollywood is one of the best cities close to Miami.

Famous for its stunning beach of the same name (Hollywood Beach) and the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, a 2.5-mile-long pedestrian promenade perfect for strolling, biking, or enjoying ocean views, this city is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy the outdoors.

The Broadwalk is lined with beachfront cafes, restaurants, and shops, as well as playgrounds and parks for family fun.

But that’s not all! This resort city is home to over 60 parks like the ArtsPark at Young Circle which hosts regular outdoor events, concerts, and festivals, 7 golf courses, and a 7-mile palm tree-lined beach.

You can also spend time in the downtown area and enjoy the thriving art scene, including the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood and numerous galleries.

And the best part is that you don’t have to drive for long! Just a little under 30 minutes and you’ll be able to enjoy this city that gives off a small-town vibe.

4. Fort Lauderdale (About 28 miles From Miami)

Fort Lauderdale is one of the best cities near Miami.
Canal in Fort Lauderdale

One of the most beautiful cities near Miami Florida is nonother than Fort Lauderdale which is a mere 35-minutes drive away.

Known as the “Venice of America” due to its extensive canal system, Fort Lauderdale is renowned for its beautiful beaches, arts, culture, and events.

Start by strolling down Las Olas Boulevard for upscale shopping, dining, and a vibrant nightlife scene, or take a scenic walk along Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale where you’ll find museums, galleries, yachts, and more.

Nature lovers can explore Hugh Taylor Birch State Park and partake in picnicking, camping, hiking, and canoeing, or take a boat tour through the scenic waterways to admire the city’s luxury homes and yachts.

Other things not to miss in this stunning city near Miami include visiting Flamingo Gardens, riding a Las Olas Gondola, and exploring the Museum of Discovery and Science.

However, you can’t leave Fort Lauderdale without relaxing on its white-powder sand beaches like Fort Lauderdale Beach, Las Olas Beach, Fort Lauderdale Dog Beach, and more.

5. Coconut Creek (About 37 Miles From Miami)

Home to Butterfly World which is the largest butterfly park globally that houses over 20,000 butterflies, it is no surprise that Coconut Creek is often called the “Butterfly Capital of the World.”

This family-friendly attraction also features tropical gardens, aviaries, and a butterfly farm.

The city’s serene atmosphere focuses on eco-friendly living with numerous parks and green spaces for outdoor activities making it a perfect escape for those who want to connect with nature.

You can take a walk in Fern Forest Nature Center, Winston Park Nature Center, and Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area, or do some retail therapy at Promenade at Coconut Creek.

So, if you’re looking for a more laid-back trip with nature activities, Coconut Creek is one of the best cities outside of Miami to consider.

6. Boca Raton (About 44 miles From Miami)

Boca Raton is one of the best cities close to Miami.

Boca Raton beckons travelers with its harmonious blend of sophistication, natural beauty, and cultural experiences, but what makes it stand out from other cities near Miami is still countless golf courses and parks.

Stroll through the upscale Mizner Park and you’ll find yourself surrounded by high-end boutiques and elegant dining options, as well as the thought-provoking Boca Raton Museum of Art.

As you continue your visit, you’ll discover the enchanting Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, where meticulously landscaped gardens, a traditional tea house, and mesmerizing koi ponds showcase the serene essence of Japanese culture.

Outdoor enthusiasts can further explore the city’s commitment to nature at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center which delves into sea turtle rehabilitation and coastal conservation efforts.

You can also check out popular parks like the family-friendly Sugar Sand Park or Spanish River Park to enjoy a beach day, or Red Reef Park which features a 9-hole golf course and a public beach. It’s also where you’ll find the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center we talked about above.

Boca Raton provides a blend of luxury and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking a refined yet relaxed atmosphere.

7. Delray Beach (About 53 miles From Miami)

Delray Beach is one of the best cities near Miami to visit.
Delray Beach is one of the best cities near Miami to visit.

Just about 10 minutes from Boca Raton and about 1 hour from Miami, Delray Beach offers a lively downtown area with a mix of arts, culture, and beautiful beaches.

A stroll along Atlantic Avenue reveals a thriving hub of boutiques, galleries, and restaurants, as well as an array of events and festivals that bring the community together year-round.

Venture into the Pineapple Grove Arts District, where you’ll find an eclectic neighborhood adorned with vibrant murals and public art installations, showcasing the talent of local artists.

For a tranquil retreat, explore the serene Wakodahatchee Wetlands, immerse yourself in the beauty of the nearby Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, or relax on the pristine coastline of Delray Beach, characterized by crystal-clear waters and soft sands.

8. Key Largo (About 61 miles From Miami)

Key Largo is one of the best small towns near Miami.
Christ of the Abyss statue – Key Largo

Key Largo, the first key in the Florida Keys and the gateway to this area, is the perfect destination for those who are into diving, snorkeling, and other water sports adventures.

As the home of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, the first underwater park in the United States and also one of the largest artificial reefs in the world, Key Largo boasts a sprawling 70-nautical-square-mile expanse that is perfect for water enthusiasts.

You can explore the vibrant marine life, including the famous Christ of the Abyss statue, by embarking on a snorkeling or scuba diving expedition, or by taking a mesmerizing glass-bottom boat tour.

Key Largo is also a haven for anglers with numerous fishing charters available for unforgettable deep-sea or backcountry fishing experiences.

If you’re a watersports enthusiast, Key Largo is one of the best cities close to Miami to visit.

9. Palm Beach (About 70 miles From Miami)

Palm Beach is one of the best cities near Miami Florida.

One of the best towns near Miami worth visiting is Palm Beach! This sophisticated and picturesque coastal town offers visitors a perfect blend of opulence, history, and natural beauty yet it’s still a short drive from Miami.

Renowned for its luxurious ambiance (some of the most famous people in the USA have called it home), Palm Beach boasts a plethora of upscale shops, fine dining establishments, and elegant hotels that line the iconic Worth Avenue, reminiscent of European elegance and charm.

The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, once the grand estate of Henry Flagler will transport you back in time, revealing a glimpse into the Gilded Age and the early development of Florida.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the pristine beaches, such as Palm Beach Municipal Beach and Phipps Ocean Park, where crystal-clear waters and golden sands provide the perfect setting for relaxation or water activities on top of its numerous amenities like cabanas, a boardwalk, a tennis center, and more.

You can also visit the nearby Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society or the Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach to fully immerse yourself in the area’s nature and wildlife beauty.

So, if you’re seeking a luxurious getaway with a touch of history and natural splendor, this beautiful coastal town will not disappoint.

10. West Palm Beach (About 71 miles From Miami)

West Palm Beach is one of the best cities around Miami.

If you’ve decided to visit Palm Beach, then we recommend visiting West Palm Beach also since they’re a few minutes from each other.

In fact, they’re just separated by a bridge! West Palm Beach is the mainland and Palm Beach is the island.

You can even choose to visit West Palm Beach before Palm Beach or vice versa depending on how you’re planning your route.

Unlike Palm Beach which offers a coastal vibe with stunning beaches and a more luxurious vibe, West Palm Beach offers a downtown kind of vibe.

You’ll find several shopping centers, museums like Norton Museum of Art, featuring an impressive collection of American, European, and Chinese art, and family-friendly attractions like the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society and the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, which offer educational and interactive exhibits for all ages.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Grassy Waters Preserve provides miles of hiking trails, boardwalks, and opportunities to spot local wildlife in their natural habitat.

11. Everglades City (About 80 miles From Miami)

Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park

Nestled on the edge of the vast and mysterious Everglades National Park, Everglades City offers visitors a unique and immersive experience into the heart of Florida’s untamed wilderness.

As a gateway to both the Ten Thousand Islands and the Everglades National Park, Everglades City provides an array of exciting activities that cater to adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

You can embark on an unforgettable airboat tour and witness the rich biodiversity of the Everglades, where you’ll encounter alligators, birds, and other native wildlife in their natural habitat, or explore the Ten Thousand Islands, a maze of mangrove islands and waterways teeming with marine life, by kayak or canoe, to take in the serene beauty of this delicate ecosystem.

For those interested in the area’s history, a visit to the Museum of the Everglades offers insights into the development and unique cultural heritage of Everglades City.

While Everglades City itself is less resounding compared to the national park, it is one of the best cities near Miami that will help you delve into the wonders of Florida’s wild side.

12. Islamorada (About 79 miles From Miami)

Islamorada is one of the best towns near Miami.

Known as the “Sportfishing Capital of the World,” Islamorada attracts anglers from all over the globe with its world-class fishing opportunities and abundance of fishing charters available for both deep-sea and flats fishing excursions.

Situated in the Florida Keys, it consists of six islands, each offering unique attractions, such as Theater of the Sea, a marine mammal park where visitors can swim with dolphins, and the History of Diving Museum, which chronicles the evolution of diving technology and the sport’s history.

But that’s not all! Islamorada also has beautiful white-sand beaches and turquoise waters which offer a serene setting for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy exploring the numerous state parks in the area, such as Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park and Indian Key Historic State Park, both accessible by boat.

With its laid-back atmosphere, Islamorada is ideal for travelers seeking a relaxing escape with plenty of opportunities for fishing, water sports, and nature exploration. And the best part? It’s only 1 hour and a half drive from Miami.

13. Jupiter (About 90 miles From Miami)

Jupiter is one of the best cities around Miami.
Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

If you’re looking for a charming coastal town that offers a mix of beautiful beaches, nature preserves, and historical attractions, then Jupiter is the perfect destination.

It is home to the iconic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse which dates back to the 1850s. The lighthouse offers panoramic views of the surrounding area from its observation deck and the Natural Area around it boasts a variety of trails, scenic overlooks, and opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife spotting while the nearby Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park offers a glimpse into Florida’s history.

For those seeking aquatic adventures, Jupiter’s pristine coastline offers an array of beaches such as Carlin Park, and water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling in its crystal-clear waters.

The town also features an exciting culinary scene, with an abundance of local seafood restaurants, waterfront dining options, and lively bars.

Jupiter is perfect for travelers seeking a relaxed beach town experience with a variety of outdoor and historical attractions.

14. Naples (About 106 miles From Miami)

Naples is one of the beautiful cities near Miami.
Naples Pier

Nestled along Florida’s Paradise Coast, Naples will impress you with its upscale atmosphere, pristine beaches, and diverse array of attractions.

Just a two-hour drive from Miami, this sophisticated yet laid-back city offers a refreshing change of pace for those looking to explore beyond the bustling metropolis.

Naples is renowned for its beautiful coastline, with beaches like Lowdermilk Park and Naples Beach providing an idyllic setting for sunbathing and swimming, but hands down the best attraction is the picturesque Naples Pier, a historic landmark perfect for watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico, bird-watching, fishing, and dolphin-spotting.

The city also has a vibrant downtown area — Fifth Avenue South — which boasts a selection of upscale boutiques, art galleries, and delectable dining options that cater to refined tastes.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, where they can wander through a mesmerizing 2.5-mile boardwalk and witness an array of native flora and fauna, and the Naples Botanical Garden, a 170-acre oasis featuring themed gardens and beautiful landscapes for a tranquil escape.

Naples is well-suited for a variety of travelers, including couples seeking a romantic getaway, families looking for quality time together, and solo adventurers eager to explore the city’s natural and cultural offerings.

15. Marathon (About 115 miles From Miami)

Marathon is one of the best cities outside of Miami.

Marathon is a picturesque city located in the heart of the Florida Keys. It is famous for its tranquil island charm, crystal-clear waters, and abundance of outdoor activities.

This tropical paradise which encompasses several islands, offers a captivating mix of relaxation and adventure, making it a perfect destination for travelers seeking to unwind and explore.

Beach lovers will adore the palm-fringed shores of Sombrero Beach and the tranquil atmosphere of Coco Plum Beach which are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, or simply taking in the serene views.

Marathon is also a haven for water enthusiasts, with numerous opportunities for snorkeling, diving, fishing, and boating, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant marine life that thrives in the surrounding turquoise waters.

For a unique and educational experience, a visit to the renowned Turtle Hospital is a must, where you can learn about the rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation of sea turtles.

The nearby Dolphin Research Center also offers interactive programs that allow visitors to encounter these playful marine mammals up close.

Marathon’s laid-back vibe, coupled with its stunning natural beauty and exciting outdoor pursuits, creates an inviting atmosphere for families, couples, and solo adventurers alike, ensuring an unforgettable island escape for those looking for beautiful cities near Miami Florida to visit.

16. Stuart (About 107 miles From Miami)

Next on our list of beautiful cities close to Miami is Stuart.

Often referred to as the “Sailfish Capital of the World,” this charming coastal city located on Florida’s Treasure Coast is known for its friendly, small-town atmosphere and rich maritime heritage.

The city’s picturesque downtown area, with its vibrant murals, quaint shops, and inviting cafes, creates a warm and welcoming ambiance that captures the essence of Old Florida while the Stuart Heritage Museum offers insights into the city’s past and the stories that shaped the region.

On top of this, the city is home to several pristine beaches such as Stuart Beach and Bathtub Reef Beach, which provide the perfect backdrop for a leisurely day by the ocean or snorkeling adventures in the clear waters.

Other attractions that make Stuart one of the best areas around Miami to visit include the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center which offers marine life exhibits, stingray feeding experiences, and nature trails, and the House of Refuge Museum, a museum that pays tribute to American inventors & entrepreneurs.

17. Fort Myers (About 140 miles from Miami)

Lovers Key State Park is one of the is the best places to see manatees in Florida.
Aerial view of Lovers Key State Park

Situated along Florida’s southwest coastline, Fort Myers is one of the most beautiful cities near Miami.

Famed for its sugar-white sandy beaches and lush landscapes, Fort Myers captivates travelers with its laid-back atmosphere and stunning natural beauty.

Beach enthusiasts will relish the sun-soaked shores of Fort Myers Beach (which is btw one of the most beautiful beaches in Southwest Florida), where they can bask in the sun, indulge in water activities, or simply admire the picturesque sunsets.

The nearby Lovers Key State Park, with its unspoiled beaches and tranquil lagoons, also provides a serene setting for kayaking, hiking, and wildlife spotting. In fact, it is one of the best places to see Manatees in Florida.

But beach lovers are not the only ones that will love Fort Myers. History buffs will appreciate the opportunity to step back in time at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, the former homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, now transformed into fascinating museums showcasing their lives and innovations, and art aficionados will enjoy visiting Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center which hosts a range of exhibitions, events, and performances, celebrating the city’s thriving creative scene.

Other must-visit places in Fort Myers include; IMAG History & Science Center which features interactive exhibits and a virtual reality experience and the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, a wetland ecosystem with boardwalk trails and abundant wildlife, and Bowditch Point Park.

Offering a diverse range of attractions for history buffs, nature lovers, and beachgoers, this city is perfect for all types of travelers be it families, couples, or even solo travelers.

18. Vero Beach (About 145 miles From Miami)

Vero Beach is one of the best Miami weekend getaways.
Aerial view of Vero Beach

Another city that is also located along Florida’s Treasure Coast is Vero Beach which is about a 2.5-hour drive from Miami.

The city’s gorgeous shoreline, which includes South Beach Park and Jaycee Park, presents the perfect opportunity for sunbathing, swimming, or taking leisurely strolls along the ocean while the McKee Botanical Garden, with its lush tropical landscapes, provides a peaceful haven for admiring diverse plant species and taking in the natural beauty of the area.

Vero Beach also boasts a thriving cultural scene, with the Riverside Theatre and Vero Beach Museum of Art offering a range of performances, exhibitions, and events that celebrate the local arts community.

Additionally, the city’s charming downtown area features an array of boutique shops, galleries, and fine dining options.

With its laid-back vibe, Vero Beach is an ideal destination for couples, families, and nature enthusiasts looking for a tranquil beach getaway.

19. Sanibel Island (About 158 miles From Miami)

Sanibel Island is one of the best Miami surrounding cities.
Sanibel Island Lighthouse

Sanibel Island is a barrier island off the coast of Fort Myers! It is renowned for its stunning beaches, abundant seashells, and serene atmosphere.

The island’s unique east-west orientation makes it an ideal spot for beachcombing, attracting shell collectors from around Florida.

Unlike other Miami surrounding cities we’ve looked at, Sanibel Island stands out for its extensive network of bike paths making it easy to explore at a leisurely pace.

While beaches are the main drawcard here, the island also offers attractions like J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, which serves as a sanctuary for a diverse array of migratory birds and native wildlife, offering opportunities for birdwatching, kayaking, and hiking through the serene mangrove forests, the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum which showcases a fascinating collection of shells and offers educational programs focused on marine life and conservation, the Sanibel Island Lighthouse, and BIG ARTS cultural center which hosts various events, performances, and exhibitions throughout the year.

Final Thoughts on The Best Cities And small towns near Miami

South Florida offers a diverse array of destinations for travelers seeking to explore beyond Miami.

From tranquil beach escapes to vibrant coastal cities, each location boasts its own unique charm and attractions.

Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, a beach lover, or simply looking for a memorable getaway, there’s a city near Miami that caters to your interests.

But before you go, consider sharing these beautiful cities near Miami if you found the article helpful!

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